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Ehlers Tooling Supplies opened for business in 1987. With the experience and knowledge gained from hands on experience in the Tungsten Carbide industry we are able to offer excellent products, service and advice.

Ehlers Tooling Supplies specialises in tungsten carbide indexable inserts, milling cutters, brazed tools, toolholders, diamond pastes, special tungsten carbide, flow Drills and special tools.

With a range of local and international clientele, whether you are looking for new products or technical advice, Ehlers Tooling Supplies is always at your service.

A Flowdrill is a lobed, conical tungsten carbide tool. When rotated at high speed and pressed with high axial force into sheet metal or thin walled tube, generated heat softens the metal and allows the drill to feed forward, to produce a hole and simultaneously form a bushing from the displaced material.

There are numerous possible applications for Flowdrill; it increases effective wall thickness for threaded connections or soldered joints etc.

Chipless drilled hole for spraying appliances. No chips, no broken drills.
Gas tight connections.
Threaded connection with rim around hole.
Threaded connection. (Flat face).
Bearing or shaft support.
Water tight + soldering high pressure